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Staff motivation and training is the most critical phase in turnkey computer installation. The success of this task can really determine how well and how quickly a computer system will become an integral part of an institution's operation.

We have spent considerable time and money developing a methodology and a staff for getting systems operational and making users comfortable with their operation; American has specialized in the training of "first-time computer users." The customer quickly becomes proficient in the use of the computer, has knowledge of the relevant applications, and ability to generate required inquiries and reports.

Our support team is composed of experienced professionals with backgrounds in data processing, accounting, and health care. The AHC Project Manager is responsible for overall project management -- coordinating the timing and logistics of all activities. Each account is also assigned a Customer Service Coordinator. This individual will be responsible for the training and implementation assistance required to successfully install your systems.

The following are just some of the support services offered by AHC:

  • Conversion Support and Assistance
  • Implementation Planning and Task Definition
  • Training Support for American Applications, including:
  • On-site & online training tailored to your needs
  • Telephone Training (Conferencing available)
  • Ongoing Customer Service and Technical Support long after the installation
  • Custom Programming
  • Consultation Services
  • Hardware Configuration and Implementation
  • IBM Hardware/Software Training and Support
  • Communications/Networking Assistance
  • Project Management and/or Accounting Services

Remote Desktop Support

We have a dedicated staff of professionals who know the software and understand what you are trying to accomplish. If you have any questions, please reach out to us at any time.

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