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About Us

American Health Care has been in the healthcare software industry since 1977. It was built on a foundation of understanding and appreciation for the hard work provided by those within the continuum of care community. In addition to decades of computer and application development, the dedicated professionals within American Health Care represent over 100 years of experience in a nursing home and intermediary operations.  We are a National IBM Business Partner providing turnkey hardware and software application solutions. Our personnel offers customers expertise in building an integrated system and providing an on-site implementation.

We Take Care of Everything!

Every aspect of this Harmony Health Care Management System has been developed to help your facility operate more efficiently and to make your job easier.

It’s Easy to Learn

Our award-winning support staff is there to provide you and your company with all the training needed.

It’s Easy to Own

You can essentially begin by utilizing the robust features of any one of the stand-alone Harmony Suites, seamlessly integrating the other Suites as your needs or budget allows.

It’s Easy to Have it All

Take advantage of our Turn-Key Program which offers full installation and instruction of the entire Harmony Health Care Management System.

All Harmony Suites are available to suit most hardware platforms. They are fully internet-enabled, allowing remote access and use of these applications. Integration with coding, touch screen, and wireless technology is readily available through our extensive Partner Programs.

Once you begin using the Harmony Health Care Management System, all your departments will be sharing the same information, making better use of time, reducing non-billable hours, eliminating the opportunity for billing errors.

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