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Simplify billing procedures, expense tracking, and Care Receiver movement across the continuum.


  • Suits a Variety of Environments
    • Sub-acute, Nursing Facility, Apartment, Adult Day Care, Assisted Living, Physicians
    • Rehab, Insurance Carriers
  • ADT - Referral, Pre-admission Screening, Master Index
  • Billing - Unlimited Payors, Step-down, Pass-through, Rebill, and Retroactive processing
  • Accounts Receivable


Admitting & Census Tracking

Our Census Management application enables you to quickly set up a Care Receiver data file by simply filling in the blanks. Once in the system, the Care Receiver information is automatically updated to a “Master Index”, recording all movement throughout your organization and those health care entities within your network.



The billing aspect is second to none for its ease of understanding and power to perform. It tracks all Care Receiver expenses and invoices to multiple payors - HMO, Medicaid, Medicare Part A and Part B, Trusts, and others. This dynamic application allows unlimited payors with stepped-down or pass-through billing, done as often as your intermediary or insurance carrier allows. Set up billing to run differently for each payor cycle. Our unique, automated Reset/Rebill process won’t let you miss a beat - if you make any retroactive changes, Harmony will immediately prompt you through the appropriate screens to rebill charges automatically. It’s fast, it’s easy and it’s hassle-free.


Accounts Receivable

Bills are automatically updated to Accounts Receivable on your authorization. Our sophisticated payment applications allow you the flexibility of posting in a way best suited for you. Receive a denial on your remittance advice? No problem! Enter the denial along with the rest of your payments, then let your own defined denial rules prompt you through closing the invoice or rebilling to the same payor, or to any other payor. Our extensive reports and inquiry screens allow you to effectively track and manage all your receivables.

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