A nurse assisting an elderly woman with her hair, providing medical care and support.


We provide the tools you need to track, document, and plan the care of your Care Receiver.


  • Electronic Medical Record
  • Alerts
  • DME
  • History & Physical
  • Immunizations
  • Infections
  • Problems/Diagnosis/Allergies
  • Progress Notes
  • Therapy Tracking
  • Vital Signs
  • Tests & Lab Results
  • MDS & Scheduling
  • Assessments
  • Quality Indicators
  • Care Planning
  • Physicians Orders
  • Electronic Medication Administration (EMAR)
  • Electronic Treatment Administration (ETAR)
  • Point of Care for CNA/LNA Tracking
  • Recreation/Activities Events Calendar & Clinical Scheduler


MDS & Scheduling

The entire MDS assessment can be completed on the computer, with as much data as possible being pulled from the rest of the application. The more modules you use, the more time can be saved filling out this requirement! The system will track admissions and discharges as well as when the last assessment was done, scheduling required assessments in a calendar to allow simple tracking of who needs an assessment and when.



Once referred to your business and entered into the Continuum of Care Suite, the disciplines may be notified automatically of special events such as Master Index changes, admission, discharge, change of location, and actions for the care regimen. Required assessments are scheduled within the standards of government regulations, saving disciplines’ time, and making sure requirements are met.


Electronic Medical Records

The Clinical Management Suite allows you to create and maintain a central database containing all the clinical information for each Care Receiver. This record can be accessed and updated by nurses and physicians. Each time a Care Receiver’s electronic medical record is updated, other important components of their documentation are updated automatically. The many combined components of the care regimen provide a complete picture of the care being received.


Nursing Care

All the information generated from the assessments is automatically forwarded to the Nursing Care application. This aspect of the Clinical Care Suite contains physicians’ orders, ascertained needs, rehabilitation objectives, nursing plans, social history, physical therapy, and psychiatric assessments. All will be cross-referenced within the system to define the physical, emotional, dietary, and social needs of each Care Receiver. Scheduled therapy sessions, in addition to weight changes, vision, hearing, and other information entered into our electronic medical record update automatically all MDS Section P and other MDS Sections.


Physician’s Orders and Assignments

This component was created to produce fast and accurate Doctor’s Orders Forms, Medication Administration Records, and Treatment Records. This provides for the entry of all consultations, tests, reviews, medications, follow-ups, and much more. You can then combine and cross-reference all this information to generate useful reports and charts.


Electronic Medication & Treatment Administration

Designed for ease of use, the eMAR and eTAR can be run from a touch-screen! Users will be able to see any Physician Orders due for administration and mark them off without needing to find a pen. No more flipping through charts to determine which medications are due; the eMAR tracks that for you. This module has integration with assessments and vital signs, allowing filling out more of the electronic health record all from the nurse’s medication cart.


LNA/CNA Point of Care

The Point of Care was developed for the use of nurse aides, regardless of their level of experience with a computer.  This program will guide them through sections of a care receiver’s day, flowing down with each selection to allow for quick data entry. This data can feed the MDS, saving your nursing staff time and energy. Users will mark off how they assisted the patient and then can get right back to the floor, without having to struggle to remember what happened at the end of the shift! Percentages will be displayed to the users as well, letting them easily see at a glance if they’ve missed entering data for a care receiver.


Therapist Minute Tracking

A therapist module allows for quick entry of billable minutes by therapists. Charts and reports allow you to get a different view of how much therapy your care receivers have been provided, and this data will integrate with Billing, Payroll Based Journaling, and the MDS as well.


Physician area – including History and Physical

A section for physicians allows them to view patient data, including their orders, vital signs, assessments, and more. The physician’s dashboard will present any Abnormal vital signs entered, allowing for immediate follow-up. A History and Physical section allows the physician to do H&Ps directly from the AHC system, pulling in data such as vital signs, orders, and other portions of the chart with the click of a button.


Recreation/Activities Events Calendar & Clinical Scheduler

These modules allow for the tracking of various patient events in a calendar format. The recreation calendar allows for tracking attendance of various events, and the clinical scheduler can be tied to physician orders (including for things like Labs), each allowing for a way to see upcoming events and plan accordingly.

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